Thank You For Tuning Into ChannelTOYSREVIL

An online blog-channel dedicated to all things DESIGNER TOY-related, utilizing embedded videos posted unto a easy to access and update weblog platform.

WHAT is Showing On ChannelTOYSREVIL?
From behind the scenes making-of customed figures, to toy event coverages at launches and exhibitions. From toy documentary trailers and teasers to interviews with creators and producers of toys. From stop-motion animation to home-made slideshows and presentations about toys.

How To Get Videos Listed On ChannelTOYSREVIL?
01. Email blog-embeddable video links to toysrevil [at] yahoo [dot] com

02. If you have a short write-up or description I could use for the post, that would be great. Links to yourselves is recommended too.

03. Please DO NOT post links in the comments-section.

04. If you DO post links in the comments-section, know that they are being moderated and I may delete them. But if the link is good, I may use them, with credit given to the poster. (but I may still delete them)

05. Any additional information or factual-corrections pertaining to the videos shown is welcomed. Do feel free to post them in their respective comments-section or email me direct. Thanks and appreciate the trouble :)

WHAT Videos Are Suitable For ChannelTOYSREVIL?
Videos suitable for programming/listing should be related to Urban Vinyl, Designer Toys, (select) Paper Toys. 12-inch / 1:6-scaled action figures. Any other genres will be taken into consideration with myself having the final decision. It may not be that you're video is not good enough, as it may be irrelevant to the current programming. (I personnally like Transformers Animated toys and Lego, but that again, it's all up to me :p). Thank you for understanding :)

Current programming is generally PG. Any videos containing adult-situations or non-PG related will require a pre-warning. So be warned.

I blog primarily on toysrevil.blogspot.com and would most likely have posted these videos there already, but because I do multiple posts per day, some videos may get lost in the shuffle. Hence, ChannelTOYSREVIL!

Jus watch and have fun :)

All rights / copyrights for all videos shown remain with their respective owners/makers.

Neither this blog or I will be responsible for the videos nor copyright issues in regards to the videos being posted (ie: music rights etc). All such queries are to be directed to the video-owners themselves (link clickable on video-screen itself).

This is a FREE-Access weblog. Until such time where it can be proven that the videos are wholey "illegal", then it would be my final decision to remove them or not to. Thank you for understanding :)

I would recommend all video-makers to credit and list the relevant persons on your original video-page.

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